Review on DNA Testing and its Uses


DNA testing was first discovered and introduced in the medical industries back in the 17th century by Friedrich Miescher. Back then it did not have much application as it has today. Currently, medical researchers use DNA testing for various reasons that include both clinical or for legal research purpose. With the testing being turned into a legal process, it has led to various arguments and debates in the current overall population. However, being used as a tool to solve different ethical and some of the issues related to justice, the impacts overweight the arguments. 

What is the use of DNA Testing?
There are diverse reasons as to why people use DNA testing. Three of them are the most common one. They include:

Screening of disease.
Severe infections such as cancer are now prevented and treated in time through disease detection. DNA testing has been significant as one can be able to determine his or her health conditions. Through the screened blood, one may now be cautious of their health and by all means, undergo any preventative means for further illness. 

Investigations on law enforcement.
Proving the innocence of an accused has now be made easier as their DNA is tested either by the use of their hair or any other body fluids to the one matching in the crime scene. This is then made possible through the decision of the court for them to have the results from the screening. For additional facts and information about Genetic Health Tests, you can go to .
Paternity test.
Talking of paternity, in a scenario where there are disputes over who is the actual father or mother of a specified child, blood is tested to prove who between the parents in conflict is the biological father. Getting the answers for the mother's child will be of great significance for the families of the parents will now be able to be at peace as they will have already acquired the information they needed.

Despite the uses of DNA having an impact to its users, this is a process of obtaining information has its disadvantages too. However, it is greatly recommended that before using this dna testing kits uk in your personal life, one should be prepared for any outcomes of the results.

The three applications listed above are just but the top three common uses of dna tests uk , there are still other more uses that one comes across in their daily lives or the watch it in the favorite TV shows or movies